Cast steel gate, globe, check valves & strainers from 2” through 48” – Class ANSI #150 to #2500

Since its establishment in 1953, FIRSA has developed its production and experience to satisfy the last requirements in terms of quality.

Established in 1953, Firsa is one of Italy's leading manufacturers of Steel Gate Globe & Check valves. The company's modern 6800 square metre headquarters and manufacturing plant is located in Rho, 10 km north west of Milan.
The manufacturing plant utilises an extensive range of state of the art computer controlled design, manufacturing and testing equipment to aid the manufacturing & management control processes.
These facilities are conveniently located close to the motorway network & principal airports that serve the north of Italy.

Since our incorporation, Firsa's continued growth and reputation has been aided by our constant striving to improve product performance and reliability, this has enabled us to extend both our range of products and the geographical markets that we serve.
From our origins as a company serving the Italian domestic market in the early 80's, we now export to more than 40 countries and each of the five continents.
These exports represent more than 70% production and our share of export markets continues to expand.

Today Firsa's products can be found in a wide and varied range of applications from chemical & petrochemical plants, conventional & nuclear power generation stations, oil refiners, gas pipelines and offshore exploration and production platforms. Our objective is to offer our world wide clientele a company that is committed to meet their precise requirements.
The extraordinary flexibility to our manufacturing facility, our continued attention to detail and the ever changing demands of the marketplace enable us to continue to deliver our range of specialist products to exacting specifications within relatively short lead times.
Our policy of continued investment in people, plant and technology remains of paramount importance to this company.

Firsa is one of Italy's leading manufacturers of Gate, Globe, Check valves and Strainers. An extensive product range is available in ratings ANSI 150 lb thru 2500 lb in sizes from 2" up to 40".
The products are manufactured in the complete and varied range of materials from Standard Carbon, Chrome Alloys, Austenic, Super Austenic, Duplex, Super Duplex Steel, Nickel Based Alloys and even Titanium.